888 Taste Show Asian Cuisine offers the best flavours and tastes of Asia in an authentic atmosphere complemented with excellent service. Inspired by the best practices, our chefs offer amazing cooking show that no words can explain - it has to be experienced. Grill, tapanyaki, themed culinary dinners, preparation of special dishes in front of everyone, a superb selection of Asian drinks and cocktails are some of the temptations offered in the restaurant.

Chef Petar Velikov

Our Main Chef

Guided by his motto "Cooking is like love - you need passion, desire and perseverance", he aims to offer restaurant visitors an amazing culinary experience.                            

Tartar 888

marinated salmon with beets root and fenel, crispy spicy onion, lime and avocado

Pineapple chicken

chicken, pineapple, sauce and spices

Hosomaki 888

 nori, tempura, salmon, seabass, tuna, philadelphia and green tobico

Top Dishes

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